Friday, June 17, 2011

Sex dream with Former, what is it?

DREAM could be a harbinger of things. Have you ever had sexual dreams with your spouse or someone you admire? If confused translated, the following guidelines.

Dream or flower beds are often experienced by many people. The form also varies, ranging from general terms to the bedroom. Yes, dreams are often a manifestation of your subconscious mind. So, even if you do not find sexual dreams mean to take something. And you need not confused. Here is an explanation that can help your anxiety, as reported by Diva.

Having sex with your partner

If you get the dream of making out with her husband, this means that there are two contradictory things. "Whether your relationship is really stable or are you not getting enough service from a partner," said Dr Ketene Parma, a sexologist in India. To gain further clarity, immediately communicate with a partner to find out the cause.

Having sex with the ex-

Perhaps you remember the memories with former and current you try to compare with what you've been through with current partner.

Having sex with a "famous star"

According to Dr. Parma, it indicates you want to find more satisfaction than couples. "Without your awareness, you compare their appearance with the qualities you see in your partner," he explained.

Having sex with another woman

if this happens repeatedly and you find yourself attracted to women in real life too, it looks like you need to rethink your sexual orientation. "This could also indicate that you are looking for couples who prefer to give pleasure to you," added Dr. Parma.

Dreaming of your spouse cheating

this is very disturbing your mind. These dreams usually occur after a large step in a formal relationship be done, like getting engaged. This dream could be indicative of an anxiety of a serious relationship that has just proclaimed. Another meaning, it could be indicating that you are getting enough time to spend together with your spouse so that the emotional bond and he is less established.

Beyond that, women are more thinking to discuss intimacy before sex takes place rather than afterwards. Among those differences, one thing is similar from both men and women that is expressed in terms of the sentence "I love you" to her partner where it will be done after inter course.
More than half the main support, "he continued.

According to the study, men were more likely to initiate a kiss before having sex while women are more likely to initiate kissing after sexual intercourse.

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